Welcome to my site!

We are the Grasshoppers. A family who has decided to walk (and occasionally stumble) along a path towards Financial Independence, and Early Retirement. We are foodies, who love to travel, but mostly enjoy hanging out with our toddler, Baby Grasshopper, and our dog Cinnamon (who doesn’t have a secret identity because she’s too awesome). In August of 2016, we officially launched our 6 year trek to Financial Independence. I started Grasshopper Retires Early to stoke our excitement about this project, and share the light with our fellow travelers.

I blog about my experiences, and ruminations about this new lifestyle. Mr. Grasshopper adds substantive and technical posts about the nuts and bolts of this journey.

We hope our blog continues to evolve into something special or, at the very least, a blog about the pitfalls you can avoid when trying to retire early.

Look around, and don’t forget to tell me what you think.