Fall Has Flung: Time to Clothe Baby Grasshopper In A Season Appropriate Wardrobe

I looked it up on Google. People other than me say “Spring has Sprung” or some variation of it. Unfortunately, there didn’t seem to be an equivalent for Fall. But there is now …it has flung. And as every parent knows, add a new season to a growing babe and you need clothes – Pronto.

Unlike their grown up counterparts who only have to dig out last year’s sweater to be set for the shift in the seasons, little grasshoppers need a whole new wardrobe to keep snug. In the past, this would be exactly when I sauntered off to Target, Carter’s or Gap. We absolutely also welcome hand-me-downs, but they cannot always be counted on. Last season I realized that Baby Grasshopper’s older cousin was simply the wrong size during the necessary season.

Mr. Grasshopper, who was ecstatic after purchasing an entirely ugly pair of loafers on eBay for $15, encouraged me to consider buying Baby G a lot of Fall/Winter clothes from that site. I am certainly not against shopping on eBay, but as with any mama I was a little leery. Would the clothes be in good enough condition for my baby? What if the house they came from had smokers and the clothes reeked? Would the clothes truly be cheaper to buy from eBay than a discount store?

Well, the only way to know is to try. So, I started hunting online, and hardly a day or two later found a lot of 27 pieces of Fall/Winter-appropriate clothes in Baby G’s size for $44.99 dollars. Even with a ghastly $10 for shipping, the lot seemed reasonable, but I couldn’t be sure. That weekend I dragged all the Grasshoppers to the local discount store to compare costs. I simply couldn’t do it. At $2.03 per piece the lot was a steal. So, you’ll understand why I was crestfallen when after all my dithering someone snapped it up with the Buy It Now option. *SOB* No, really. Mr. Grasshopper got to hear me moan about it for at least a full evening if not longer.

But then it happened again. This time the deal was even better. $41.00 for a lot of 48 pieces and $8 shipping. The seller even specified that the clothes come from a pet free and smoke free home. I immediately grabbed it and was thrilled when the package arrived a few days later. Almost more importantly, Baby G was gleeful as I unpacked her goodies. This is a kid who could not usually care less if I dress her in a tutu or a toga. Since we received this lot of clothes, however, she has been scheming to mess up her outfits to maximize her wardrobe changes.

So here’s what we received: 9 pants, 27 shirts, 1 dress, 4 pair of 2pc. pajamas, and 1 bathing suit. I’m not entirely sure about how the bathing suit figured into this lot’s theme, but I’ll take it. The seller even threw in a bunch of socks gratis that she found as she cleared out her daughter’s closet. Even at $6 a piece, which is the cost of some toddler clothes that I see on sale (and ignoring the socks for the moment), those clothes could have cost us at least $288 retail. So, I consider this a win in this mommy’s efforts to live a good life that is also financially savvy. Yay me!

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