Getting Back on After Falling Off the No Spend November Wagon

So almost exactly half-way through the month, we fell off the No Spend November Wagon. Womp Womp.

I can’t feel too bad about it though because it was a Baby G kind of expense. Days are getting colder, and it will soon get wetter. It was time for Baby G to get a pair of new winter boots.

We tried to do this responsibly by visiting the local Stride Rite store to have her feet measured and eyeball the merchandise on sale. But no cigar. There were no boots on sale in her teeny size. Unfortunately, we did not foresee the twin pressures of a very nice (and long-suffering) sales person, and Baby G who, as it turns out, is something of a shoe aficionado. Baby G spent the entire time in the store zipping from one shoe to the next. The blingier, the better. In some cases, the shoes literally flashed strobe lights. She was in toddler girly shoe heaven and tried to squeeze her toes into every single flashtastic pair of shoes she could find.

Toddler's Brown Blue and Grey Tribal Fur Boits

So, you may be able to imagine her horror when her parents politely informed the saleslady that we were unable to find the boots that we wanted, and tried to extricate Baby G from the store sans shoes. It was not pretty. It was VERY loud.

Through some sleigh of hand, and an impromptu trip to the park we were able to defuse the situation. Once we were home, however, we were still short a pair of boots. Some quick eBay-ing revealed several possible candidates. But when I compared them to the market prices for the same shoes, I realized that the “deals” were less than spectacular. Because toddlers – and Baby G in particular – are very hard on their shoes, we decided to go for a new pair instead of something new. The plan is of course for Baby G to be able to wear them throughout Fall and Winter. If we are very lucky, we might even be able to sell them after we are through with them.

We used and opted for Amazon for its Prime shipping and free returns. We quickly landed on this pair, which is still $10 less than what it was marked for at the store. I tried to make myself feel even better by opting for 5 day shipping (and a gratis digital credit) in lieu of the two-day Prime shipping.


We have taken No Spend November very seriously. So, I did ask myself if the purchase was absolutely necessary. Could Baby G wait another two weeks for the boots?

Was I making this purchase just to feel the “hit” of a mini shopping spree. Like an alcoholic asking for just a sip when he should be drying out. In all honestly, there may have been some of that (I am after all only human), but  I felt somewhat vindicated after spotting a video posted on Facebook by another mother. She also had her toddler in the exact store this weekend for the very same purpose.

Apparently ’tis the season to boot up these little minions. Also, I was also mollified to see that Baby G is not the only toddler tornado to have graced that store. It makes our tella novella like shopping experience seem less like it might be burned into the collective psyche of the store’s staff. It also made me feel like guilty for imposing ourselves on the store, and leaving without having purchased anything.

Well, there you have it. On one side of the scales are two weeks of relatively successful No Spend November-ing. On the other side, a smart pair of boots for Baby G ($40 all told). I hope to hop back on the wagon now and make it through the rest of the month without any more unplanned expenses.


Let me know how successful you have been with No Spend November. Have you fallen off the Wagon? Did you hop back on?? 

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