The Struggle Within: No Present for Me??!

Humor me as I struggle with my personal demon that is telling me that a little shopping can’t hurt.

I have previously written about forsaking any physical gifts from Mr. G in lieu of a lump sum amount that I donated to charity. Ta dah! Two birds with one stone. But, as I draw closer to birthday/anniversary/Christmas 2016, I’m beginning to wonder if I should treat myself with a Season’s gift.

On One Hand

My mom always told me not to wait for someone else to make my day special. If I’m craving something, it’s better to feed the craving instead of hoping that the people in your life have a crystal ball to gaze into the cloudy depths of your desires. Only in movies are the gift giver and its recipient on the same wavelength. Real life tends to make for an awkward thanks, and an all-consuming fear that you will be caught out not wearing the green boa next time Aunt Bobby visits expecting to see it in use.

For anyone wondering if this will infringe on No Spend November, it would not. I do not plan to do my shopping until December. Thereby maintaining my virtuous no spendiness. The added benefit of buying something for yourself of course is the thrill of bargain hunting.

Currently (i.e. as of about ten minutes ago), I’ve been contemplating some new work out pants for the winter. Lululemon has the dual benefit of being a “luxury” item that will make me feel fancy when I own it, and also seems to be extremely lucrative to sell on eBay. In fact, I just sold a used Lululemon sports bra for a couple of dollars more than I purchased it thanks to a bidding war on eBay. Ka ching!

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On the Other Hand

Typing my way through this post has made me wonder if I’m shopping out of boredom? I am now extremely proud of my resolve not to buy a $45 t-shirt during the Presidential campaign? Will I feel similar pride if I resist the siren song of the birthday gift?

I’ve noticed that I sometimes employ tricks to break my habit loop regarding shopping online. When I find myself getting bored (my cue), I find myself considering internet shopping (my routine). I am trying to replace that routine with another. After listening to the Mad Fientists’ podcast  about Ali and Joe (a.k.a. Arebelspy) from Adventuring Along, I have again begun to doodle away on a novel that I sometimes play with (Ali has been trying her hand at romance novels. Hence the inspiration if you were wondering about the connection). If I could channel my restlessness into creative energy and get that novel going, I should be able to avoid online shopping in my weak moments.

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And so…

So there you have it. This blog, and a little introspection have kept the itchy online shopping finger in check for another day. Thanks for listening!

Have you found out what your triggers are for online shopping, or any other money eating habit? How have you overcome the urge?


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