Thermostat Wars: Freezing to A Popsicle In The Quest for Financial Independence

Inspired by the dual urge to save money, and help the environment, Mr. Grasshopper has turned into a thermostat dictator.

He is also buoyed by the fact that because of the octogenarian house, he’s the only one who can understand the heating system. As I work from home with my bathrobe over my sweater and jeans, and a hat on my head, I am unable to reverse his evil machinations.


For the purposes of science (and this post), I just asked Mr. G what temperature he keeps the house at. His muttered answer is “Um…mid sixties…unless you complain too much.” Humph!

Perhaps the only reason I don’t raise more hell is the fact that Baby G’s bedroom is oddly ALWAYS the perfect temperature. In Summer and in Winter that particular rooms is perfect. The rest of the house is the Fun House Mirrors version of ideal temperatures.

So, I wondered if this was actually for aught. Perhaps I could get with the program if all this teeth-chattering really was an avenue to significant saving, or a benefit to the Earth.

According to Mr. Money Mustache, “US households spend an average of about $960 each per year keeping themselves warm.” Since Mr. G read my posts, I hope he sees the link to Mr. M’s article as a passive aggressive “Honey-Do” 🙂 I usually detest the term, but think it is appropriate in this case. Make me warm, Mr. G. Insulate something!!

While we wait for Mr. G to take the bait though, here are a few tips from the frozen tundra that is my house:

  1. Hot water bottles are your friend. Just boil a kettle to fill a hot water bottle, and your toasty options are endless. Place a hot water bottle under your feet while you watch the telly – if your feet are warm, the rest of you should follow.  At night, you can place a hot water bottle under the sheets – if you don’t like the feeling of it by your feet (I’m not a fan), you can spoon with it.
  2. Wear a hat indoors and fuzzy warm socks. Once your head and toes warm up, you will generally stay pretty warm.
  3. Keep several blankets on hand. Mr. G laughs at me but I tend to trudge around with a huge faux fur throw clutched around my shoulders a la a cave person.

    Man in Blue Shirt Reading Book

  4. No shame in my game. I keep my fuzzy green bathrobe handy and throw it on over my clothes when things get too chilly. It’s a comfy extra layer. Sometimes out of spite, I’ll rob and wear Mr. G’s fuzzy bathrobe instead. I’m not sure he cares, but the malice warms me up a bit more 🙂
  5. Hot chocolate and hot tea. I am surrounded by an ever-expanding array of tea cups as the day progresses. I sip the steaming brews all day long and wrap it all up with some chamomile before bed. Toasty in and toasty out (or at least lukewarm out).

  6. Electric heater: Last year we purchased a cheap electric heater. Unfortunately, I cannot carry it around with me. But, I do crank it up in my bedroom when I sleep. Snore!

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