Make Love, Not Debt

I’ve been away for a while. There. That’s all you get for my long hiatus.

More importantly though, The Grasshoppers just returned from vacation. It wasn’t cheap, but it wasn’t as expensive as it could be. And the “secret” to our success was staying at the home of a cousin who was out of the country. I don’t particularly cultivate relationships just so that I can take advantage of them. In fact, to the contrary, I go out of my way to keep $$ and family/friends separate in the solemn belief that the two are shitty dinner companions.

But, in this case, I happened to reach out to a cousin to inform her that we would be in town only to learn that she would not. While we wouldn’t get to catch up, she did offer that we stay in her house. In some ways, this is a terrible example of this concept of saving a penny by taking advantage of interpersonal relationships. We had already booked an AirBnb. And, in the absolute belief that NOTHING was going to deter me from vacationing, I had agreed to one of those AirBnbs where I could only ever hope to receive a 50% refund in the event of cancellation. But 50% is 50% more than nothing. So, after some nudging by Mr. G, I took her up on the offer. Lo and behold, nothing too awful happened.

We did not burn her house down and she is still my cousin. We were, however, able to afford some very nice dinner and based on what Mr. G continues to call my fuzzy math, justify it as $ we would have otherwise spent on accommodations.

So yay for gracious and generous family members. Yay for saying hello when I travel, instead of acting like a hermit and hiding from the global familia. And here’s to cultivating friend, family, and a fatter wallet in 2018. Chin chin!

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